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5 Foods Good For Your Teeth

cheese is good for your teeth

August 15, 2022

When it comes to oral health, not all food is made the same. In fact, a lot of our favorite foods are actually great for our teeth and bones. Though downing a Costco sized bag of chocolate bars aren’t going to give you the benefits you’re after, you can just just one aisle over to the almonds and find a delicious snack ready to protect your mouth. 

So, what other foods are good for our teeth? Let’s cover 5 of our favorites!

Yogurt, cheese, and milk

Calcium helps build strong bones, and yogurt and cheese are both excellent sources of calcium. Another benefit to yogurts and cheese is they’re soft enough for sensitive teeth that require extra care. As for milk, it contains a lot of the same minerals and vitamins as yogurt and cheese, providing the extra protection your bones and teeth need.


Like we discussed with yogurt and cheese, dark leafy vegetables such as kale, collard greens, and spinach also contain high amounts of calcium (and iron), which helps rebuild enamel and protect your oral health.


Feeling snacky? Grab some almonds. 

Packed with calcium and protein, and low in sugar, almonds are great little allies for oral health. Avoid any almonds that have added sugars, as sugar has an adverse effect on your oral health.


    There’s nothing fishy going on here, salmon is an incredible snack and meal option for healthy teeth. 

    Salmon has incredibly low fat and high protein, which can help your gums heal and revitalize after damage has been cuased. Salmon also has a good amount of Vitamin D to help the body absorb calcium, which as we know by now is GREAT for your teeth.


      There’s a good reason for parents to love carrots as snacks for their little ones.

      Carrots aren’t just healthy, but their crunchy texture can actually act as a natural toothbrush and help clean your teeth. Though we don’t suggest replacing your toothbrush with a carrot, it’s a great mid-day teeth cleanser at the office or on the road.

        Any questions?

        Talk to Dr. Tanya or your hygienist next time you’re in the office. We’re happy to talk about food for as long as you’ll listen. 

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