Healthy Halloween Candy Alternatives

halloween candy alternatives

May 6, 2024

The leaves have turned. The flannel jackets and warm scarves have come out of the closet. Promotions for pumpkin-spice-everything are littering every billboard across town. That only means one thing: Fall has arrived. We’re not alone in this bliss. In fact, 22% of those surveyed say that Fall is their favorite season. 

Just as we’re getting comfortable with the new wardrobes and re-configuring our favorite drinks, it’s going to be Halloween again. Halloween brings on a whole new set of worries and insecurities in parents. What will the kids dress up as? Will their minds change the night before Halloween? Should I feel bad for letting them eat that much candy? Are there healthy alternatives to Hallowoeen candy that I should hand out? Is my house going to be egged if I hand out vegetables instead of candy?

Let’s tackle one of these concerns. Are there healthier alternatives to candy for Halloween?

There are lots of reasons you might be looking for healthier options to hand out on Halloween.

  • There is a rise in food allergies like peanuts and other ingredients found in candy.
  • We’re becoming more clued-in with what effects sugar has on our health.
  • No one will have to explain to their Dentist (hey!) that they cracked a tooth on hard caramel.
  • Parents will thank you for giving their kid something other than Butterfingers and Snickers.

So what other options do you have for Halloween that isn’t candy?

Organic juice boxes

Every kid will need something to wash the other candy down with, and the parents will thank you for getting them something healthier.

Bouncy balls

These are great for the kids 3+, and you can get a pack of 120 of them on Amazon for less than $13. Cheaper than bags of candy at Costco!

Honey sticks from a local beekeeper

Visit any local pumpkin patch, and you’ll see a few examples of local beekeepers selling honey sticks. These are usually cheap treats, and create a better experience for the kiddos. It also helps you support local businesses!

    LED light-up rings

    The kids get to enjoy this treat for days and weeks to come! Grab a bag of 38 on Amazon for less than $19.

      Halloween themed stress balls

      Hey, they’re going to be eating their weight in sugar. They’re going to need something to keep their idle hands busy with. Throw one of these stress balls into their bucket. 48 pieces on Amazon cost less than $17.

        Puzzle balls

        I remember getting these from a neighbor when I was a kid, and I can safely say this thing lasted me weeks, and became a staple in my toy box until it was replaced the next year.

          Slap bracelets

          Another throwback to our own childhood. Throw a slap bracelet in their bucket of candy to stand out in a sea of orange and yellow chocolate wrappers.

          If you’re looking for something fun to hand out, any of the Amazon links above will show you additional ideas that other shoppers are browsing. The best thing is, is Amazon has something for all budget types. The higher your Halloween “candy” budget, the more unique and useful your gift can be! Just don’t hand out toothpaste. Take it from us. Nobody likes the house that hands out toothpaste. 

            Any other Halloween ideas?

            Let us know what ideas we’re missing! 

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