Why are my teeth stained, and how do I fix it?

Why are my teeth stained, and how do I fix it?

August 21, 2020

You just took a photo. Excited to see how amazing you look, you’re met with a sinking feeling in your gut when you see your smile. Last you checked, your teeth were perfectly white, maybe a little colored, but mostly white. But according to this photo, Coldplay was singing about your teeth when they sang “…and they were all yellow”.

We’ve all been there. Stained teeth are very common. Luckily there are things you can be doing and avoiding to help get that picture-perfect smile. Let’s get down to brass tax…

What causes stained teeth?

Some of the most common causes of stained teeth are food (more on these below), drinks (more below), and smoking. Even if you make it your entire life without any of these culprits, just merely getting older can be a culprit of teeth becoming stained.

Can I prevent my teeth from staining?

There are a handful of things you can do to prevent staining! Quit smoking, avoid the foods listed below, and make sure you’ve got a good oral care routine (brushing twice a day, rinsing with mouthwash and flossing daily). Chew sugar-free gum between meals and come see your friends at Cherry Hill Dentistry at least twice a year.

    What foods can stain my teeth?

    Well, most of the good ones. Red pasta sauce, berries (like raspberries and blueberries), and bright curries are some common culprits in teeth staining. With drinks, look out for drinks with bold colors. Again, all of our favorite drinks like coffee, dark sodas, and wine are likely key players in your teeth staining.

    Can I reverse my teeth staining?

    Most stained teeth can be fixed with a teeth whitening process. If you’re interested in an at-home solution, stop by and pick up an Opalescence teeth whitening kit from the front desk. The best time to start the at-home solution is after a professional teeth cleaning, which helps spot any troublesome tooth decay.

    Are there side effects to teeth whitening?

    Well, have you seen that episode of Friends when Ross bleached his teeth? One could say that “going too far” is a side effect. Another side effect could be experiencing sensitivity with your teeth. Overuse of whitening products could also damage the enamel (back to the Ross example…don’t be that person!)

    Do you have any other questions about teeth whitening? Comment below or call our front office at (402) 488-2383 to speak with someone from our team.

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