6 Facts About Baby Teeth

6 Facts About Baby Teeth

July 11, 2020

Should you tie a drone to your kid’s loose tooth and drag it into the sky? At what age should you break the pacifier habit? Are dental x-rays dangerous for my kid? The are all great questions, and some of the questions we answer in today’s blog about baby teeth.

But also, if you disregard our suggestions and go the drone route to remove a loose tooth, just let us see the footage, at least.

Does my kid really need dental x-rays?

Yes! Getting x-rays of your kids teeth is the best way for us to get the full picture of your kids oral health. Though we’re able to see a lot just by taking a peek inside their mouths, dental x-rays allow us to see things that aren’t visible with a simple “open wide!”. But don’t worry! Dental x-rays are perfectly safe as they produce very low radiation levels. Hopping on an airplane to the coast to visit relatives exposes your kids to more radiation than a dental x-ray.

Do I need to break my baby’s pacifier habit?

Self-soothing is a very real (and very important) technique babies use when they get upset. Some babies use a finger or thumb, some use a pacifier, some even use their feet! Most children break the habit themselves by the time they are three years old, and usually these kids don’t suffer any long term dental problems. However, if the habit continues past the age of 4, we’ll likely recommend that you start encouraging  your kid to break the habit. We’ve written about some of these tactics before, but if you need any other suggestions or help, just ask us on your next visit!

Are fillings important in baby teeth if they’ll just fall out, anyways?

Maybe one of the most common questions we hear from parents is regarding cavities and fillings for baby teeth. On the surface, it makes perfect sense that you wouldn’t need to get fillings for a tooth that’s going to fall out soon anyways. But in reality, your kid’s baby teeth have an impact on the health of their adult teeth too! If a cavity goes untreated in a baby tooth, it can actually impact roots and spread bacteria, causing more cavities or even gum disease.

Should we get sealants for my kid’s teeth?

Yes! For those who don’t know, sealants are a thin protective coating that gets applied to the teeth. It provides additional protection from tooth decay, and can be wildly beneficial for kids to have. In fact, a recent study by the CDC found that kids without sealants have three times as many cavities as kids who have had sealants.

Is milk really important for dental health?

We’ve all fell victim to a clever marketing campaign. The milk industry has without a doubt had their fair share of slightly misleading messages. “Milk does the body good”? Not necessarily. Calcium does the body good. It just so happens that milk contains calcium. Calcium helps build strong bones (like teeth!), and there are plenty of other ways to get calcium if your kid is allergic or you don’t want to use milk. Try nuts, seeds, or even some veggies for their calcium intake instead!

If my kid has a loose tooth, should I pull it?

Though it seems to be every parents dream to tie a loose tooth to a door handle and slam it shut, we recommend letting nature run its course. If you’re really wanting to get that sucker out, talk to Dr. Tanya about some dentist approved techniques to wiggling it out.

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