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4 Tips for a Beautiful Summer Smile


March 11, 2022

Don’t let the snow on the ground fool you; summer is right around the corner. With Lincoln COVID cases on the decline and the COVID risk dial being in low-yellow, this summer is sure to be one for the books. With the presence of cameras going at 1,000 miles an hour to capture memories again, there’s no time to stress about your beautiful smile. Let’s talk about some quick tips for keeping your smiles bright during the summer festivities.

Brush your teeth before bed

We know this already. Brushing your teeth at least twice a day is recommended by every Dentist in the world. But what if you only had the ability to brush once a day? Which should you choose: brushing at night before bed, or in the morning before work?

Answer: The best time to brush your teeth is at night during your bedtime routine. Your mouth produces less saliva at night, so brushing before bed removes the cavity-causing bacteria that saliva usually washes away during the day.

Brush your teeth properly

Not to sound dramatic, but brushing your teeth poorly is almost as bad as not brushing at all. Emphasis on “almost”. 

Take your time when you’re brushing your teeth. Move the toothbrush in gentle, circular motions. Any plaque not removed can harden, leading to buildup and gingivitis. All the gross stuff that makes your smile stand out in a group photo (in a bad way).

Make sure your toothpaste has fluoride

Not all toothpaste is made the same. Though it’s a common ingredient and you’d usually luck out by blindly grabbing the right kind of toothpaste; you still want to make sure your toothpaste has fluoride as a listed ingredient.

Despite the conspiracies surrounding fluoride in recent years, it remains an important element for oral health. Fluoride defends your mouth against tooth decay by fighting germs and adding a protective layer on your teeth.

Eat raw fruits and vegetables

The emphasis here is on “raw” fruits and vegetables. Not cooked broccoli or apples blended up into a smoothie. Though those are awesome ways to consume your fruits and veggies for your overall health, we recommend eating them raw because of the benefits that bite will have on your teeth.

Eating crunchy produce like apples not only helps get healthy fibers into your diet, it also cleans your teeth and gums every time you bite into it. Go for the big apple and eat that thing like a caveman or cavewoman…don’t cut it up into little pieces to nibble on.

BONUS TIP: Come see us before the summer kicks off

Even those that kick butt at their at-home oral hygiene will need some professional assistance. We can help remove buildup and look for cavities forming before they become too problematic. Need mouthguards when you’re sleeping? We got you covered. Need at-home tooth whitening kits? We got you! If you live in Lincoln and need help with your cosmetic dentistry, don’t hesitate reaching out before summer!

Cherry Hill Dentistry, located in Lincoln, NE, provides exceptional general dental and specialty services for our community.

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